Salme E. Lavigne

Salme E. Lavigne



An enthusiastic, dedicated educator, administrator, researcher, clinician, speaker and scientific editor with 44 years of academic experience in 2 countries in three different post-secondary health science institutions; authored or co-authored numerous scientific manuscripts in national and international peer-reviewed journals; was Director of 3 Dental Hygiene programs; an Accreditation Consultant; Academic Program designer and course developer; delivered over 100 professional CE courses globally including numerous train-the trainer courses; and taught undergraduate oral health professions students, periodontology, local anesthesia, medical microbiology, oral pathology and teaching methodology as well as Literature Review for Graduate Periodontics students.


Founding Director of an undergraduate dental hygiene program: designed and developed curriculum and coursework to comply with national accreditation standards using educational principals, strategic planning skills, teamwork and creativity. Results: The program received full accreditation which has been maintained for over 30 years.

Professor and Director in two other dental hygiene programs: initiated inclusion of local anesthesia into the curriculum by developing “train-the-trainer” courses. Results: This creative program successfully trained faculty to teach in both undergraduate programs and CE courses over a 20 year period. Course reputation resulted in the development and sale of a training manual and course delivery to other institutions.

Scientific Editor of the Canadian Dental Hygiene Journal: revised the Editorial Board Terms of Reference and developed new Author and Reviewer Guidelines, utilizing skills developed through clinical research, manuscript writing and through years as a reviewer for 5 different professional Dental and Dental Hygiene Journals. Results: More diverse Editorial Board: 5 new International Board members and health professionals from other disciplines. 54% increase in the number of manuscripts received over the past year.



Community Health and Epidemiology
Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



Dental Hygiene
University of Missouri, Kansas City



Biomedical Anthropology
Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada



Dental Hygiene
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada